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Considerable progress has recently been made with the repair of the turntable. The faulty castings have been identified and replaced with new fabricated parts, including a new pedestal which is nearing completion. The repair of the mechanism is almost complete and volunteers are currently refurbishing the heavy steel studs which take the weight of the turntable, ready for installation once the deck arrives back from Kintore. Although the project is funded by grants from The Railway Heritage Trust and Historic Environment Scotland, these only cover 80% of the costs. We were therefore pleasantly surprised to receive a grant of £20,000 recently from the Association for Industrial Archaeology. Together with the loan from the Transport Trust, we are confident that we can now meet the all the costs of restoration. It is hoped to have the turntable back in situ by the end of the year.

Engine Shed

The Barrack Charitable Trust recently made a £5,000 grant towards the costs of repairs to the roof trusses of the Engine Shed. It is hoped that we will be able to start work on these essential repairs before the winter. We are very dependent on match funding the grant from Historic Environment Scotland and there is still a major shortfall in this regard. However, we will continue to seek additional grants for this purpose and the Trustees have agreed to working with The North East Scotland Preservation Trust to further these aims.


Following a grant from the Common Good Fund, we have purchased sufficient materials to make a start on the footpath. This will then permit pedestrian access from Duthie Park using the new gates which volunteers have recently erected.  Aberdeen City Council Officers have now revised the specification and decided that planning permission will be required. This has added to the anticipated costs and therefore a further grant application has been made to Common Good Fund.


Following the site clearance along the boundary with the Council Depot, the location of the single phase supply cable to our site was found. Unfortunately in the process the cable became tangled in the JCB bucket and some damage resulted on both sides of the wall. This has now been repaired and a replacement 3-phase cable has been purchased. This will be installed together with new water pipe and telephone cable providing much needed services to the Engine Shed. Vandalism has become a problem once more and the Trustees decided to install CCTV. This now provides constant recording and will report the presence of any unwelcome visitors 24 hours a day.

Wickham Trolleys

Both the Wickham Trolleys now share a short section of rail located inside the Engine shed and this will provide a better working environment to complete the restoration.

Machine Tools

With the loan of the Radial Arm Drill and the Horizontal Borer it is hoped to be able to commence work on some more substantial engineering tasks.

Permanent Way

Clearance of the vegetation along the tracks continues, with welcome support from Network Rail. Some replacement sleepers have arrived and the task of spot sleeper replacement will commence soon. As and when replacement bullhead rail becomes available, we will replace those sections of the sidings which we have access to, allowing us to relocate some of the rolling stock on site.




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