Turn Table

The first major project outside the engine shed is the Turntable. Once this becomes fully functional again, there is more scope for mainline locomotives to visit Aberdeen.

At present, if a steam tour comes to Aberdeen, the locomotive cannot be turned for a return journey, this project would rectify this problem and ensure more visits to Aberdeen by main line steam locomotives.

Coach Restoration

There are a number of Great North of Scotland Railway coaches at Ferryhill which need extensive restoration work. They are of wooden construction and thus require woodworking skills to effect restoration.

The aim is to strip down, repair or replace the damaged timber, refurbish what can be saved of the fixture and fitting and then rebuild back to its original status.

Have you skills that could help us?


The success of these projects depends mainly on the voluntary efforts of the members in a variety of roles. If you are male or female, an active senior citizen, with time on your hands or a teenager (16+), if you can give some of your time on a regular basis, or for a few hours now and then, we welcome you. You will meet new people and maybe learn some new skills and increase your experiences. We all start from the beginning and the more you learn and work on the project, you will find the skill and job that’s right for you. So now it’s your turn to become involved and give a helping hand. If you are one of those gifted people who can turn a hand to anything, we need you, if you just want learn a new skill, then come along. From mechanical engineering to woodworking, from brick laying to coach building, these are some of the skills that will be needed and maybe taught. Help us by joining the FRHT, your subscription helps the Trust enormously.


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